1 September 2019


Lamides – electronics made with passion!

Lamides is a rapidly growing company operating in electronics field. It can be best described  by three words: passion, creativity, quality.

PASSION – Electronics is not only an area of our work, it is primarily our passion. Each new project is treated by our team as unique and fulfilled with best commitment.

CREATIVITY – Our team is full of new ideas and strong desire to explore the world. New technologies are familiar to us. There is no such word as “problem” in our minds – it is only a new challenge to do.

QUALITY – In the first place we put our customers satisfaction. Every project is made with care for smallest details.

Lamides is a company with only Polish capital, created by engineers, who share the electronics passion. The origin of “Lamides” comes from a combination of two words: laminate and design.

Our team is a group of engineers with many years of experience gained not only in Poland, in companies producing and designing advanced electronic devices. Experience, combined with passion, transfers into high quality of realized projects. Our attitude can be described by a strong focus on achieving the target and great relations with the customer.

We specialize in PCB design, however we also support such production services  as panelisation or SMT stencil designs. In addition, we provide knowledge and experience in implementing and optimizing production processes.

We focus on development and technology !!!

PCB design – just check us, we won’t let you down !!!