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    Lamides was founded out of passion for electronics. From the beginning of its activity, we have put the satisfaction of our customers first. Trust us and we will prove that you will never regret it. We carry out both projects and each service with care for everyone, offering punctuality, comprehensiveness, professionalism and high service.


    Lamides - Your partner in electronics

    Knowledge combined with experience guarantee the success and full satisfaction of our customers. By deciding to cooperate with us, you can be sure that the project will be implemented on time, with attention to every detail and timely implementation of tasks.


    PCB panelization is used to arrange individual printed circuit boards into one panel in order to reduce costs and improve production efficiency.






    When manufacturing printed circuit boards, an important factor in addition to quality is the cost of production. An important element having a great impact on the price is the efficiency of using the material (laminate) in panel PCB. It is also of great importance during serial production. Well made allows you to speed up and reduce process problems during production. Good panelization – saving money + increasing quality.


    Our services related to panelization PCB:


    • efficiency in production – maximum use of the panel to arrange the PCBs
    • taking into account the optimal breaking PCB from the panel
    • adaptation to individual customer production processes
    • optimization in terms of the expected production quantity
    • advisory services and substantive support





    SMT stencils are an inseparable element of surface mounting. They are used to apply solder paste to the pads through holes cut in the sheet metal for the assembly of SMT components. Properly designed, they allow you to overcome process problems and increase the efficiency and quality of production.



    We make stencils SMT based on:


    • taking into account international standards IPC
    • taking into account individual customer needs
    • comprehensive analysis of SMT components in terms of the stencil design





    Almost every electronic design is associated with a printed circuit board PCB. A well-made laminate allows for the appropriate quality of the entire product.




    We offer both single and multi-layer laminates with various parameters.


    For the implementation of the valuation requires the following elements:


    • Gerber files
    • laminate specification including information such as: the type of material the laminate should be made of, thickness, number of layers, copper thickness, finish, soldermask color or descriptive layer.


    We invite you to send the order. In response, you will get the best offer on the market.




    You have a problem with the production process. You don’t know the cause of your difficulties. Do not worry. Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained in production plants, we offer analysis and support in solving any difficulties. In addition to theoretical knowledge, we have extensive practical knowledge. Trust the specialists!



    We offer:


    • production optimization
    • analysis of production processes based on modern tools
    • verification of PCB designs and production tools
    • consulting services
    • the possibility of audits at customer